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The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds
has come;
Song of Solomon 2v12

Testimony - George Megarry

Those in my own church and many others will know my recent circunmstances, but if you don't know me, then as I'll introduce myself.

My name is George megarry, organist at Priesthill Methodist church.

I lost my best friend, partner, soulmate, wife, Helen in March 2007 after 21 months helping her fight Ovarian Cancer.

Helen had chemo, intensive complementary treatments, cutting edge vaccine treatment in Germany. If anyone wants information about any of this, just ask.

There is always hope!! Don't believe the negatives doctors tell you and stand up for yourself. And don't give in or give up!!!

I've been a christian for as long as I can remember. I'm really glad that's the way it is. What a waste of a life, for anyone who's not! Was taught all about it since I was born so I got 'saved' real young.

Looking back over the last 6 months ...

Well it's so much easier when someone dies who is 100% at peace before they die.. think this is not possible?? Helen was 100% at peace. If your afraid of death, get it sorted long before your time comes!!!

Being a Christian is not some freaky thing! it's something real and when things go bad, you've someone to hold you up.

Immediately after, I took the attitude of David in the bible when he lost a son -'I can go to him but he shall not come to me' David then worshipped the Lord, so that's what I did. Instead of saying why, I worshipped and thanked the Lord - we had had real good times and God was so good to give us all the years we had together.

Christians can't expect life to treat them differently from everyone else - the bible says in a number of places 'I go the way of all the earth' so everyone's got to die sometime.

What about Job - well I didn't want to be a Job. (if you don't read the bible you'll not know about Job, but find it in the bible and read it sometime). I was happy the way things were, but when you give all you have to the Lord, who are we to question what happens??

I have to remind myself that my love for the Lord has to be way above my love for mother, father, wife, husband, children, money ... otherwise am I a christian at all?? God says put him first, all the time, in all circumstances. you either do that or you don't.

Ok, life might be lonely, maybe boring, with sad moments, and maybe i lose a few tears now and then, but the bible says 'Jesus wept' when Lazarus died !! God has given me the help I needed when I needed it - Christian meetings with the right messsage, christian friends with the right words, scripture passages to encourage me along .....

So if you're a christian, sort out 'where your treasure is' as the bible says - do you love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind ....

If your not a christian, don't mess about... your gonna die sometime to and I know I'd rather be 100% ready, actually looking forward to being with the Lord Jesus, than to be terrified of death.

What's your life all about???