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99th Priesthill
Girls Brigade
"Seek, Serve & Follow Christ"


Our company was first formed on the 31st October 1951. It started life as "1st Maze Girls' Life Brigade". The company was then affiliated on 5th April 1952.

Priesthill Methodist GB was formed during the ministry of Rev Robert Black. The first meeting of the GB was held on Halloween night 1951 and it was the first Girls Brigade in the area but back then it was called the Girls' Life Brigade. It was properly affiliated on 5th April 1952

Past Captains

Miss Isobel Kennedy was the first ever captain and was from 1951 to 1953
Miss Muriel Dougherty was captain from 1953 to 1955
Miss Elizabeth Black took over between 1955 and 1956
Miss Rosemary Nelson was captain of the GB for 11 years, from 1956 to 1967
Miss Sylvia Adams was then appointed and ran GB from 1967 to 1990
Mrs Ann Brown was captain for 17 years, from 1990 to 2007 and the current captain is Mrs Alison Rutherford

Past Uniforms

When the company was still the 1st Maze Girls' Life Brigade, the PE uniforms consisted of turquoise tunics for the cadet section (explorers), crimson for the company section, and lemon tunics for the officers, with a white PE blouse, white ankle socks and white gymshoes. However nowadays we all wear navy tunics for the PE in the displays.

What did they do 60 years ago?

Preisthill GB used to do Folk Dancing and Scottish Country Dancing, but today we do Zumba Dancing. They went to District Camps at Ballywalter, Ballycastle, and the Lake District. They also went on parades.

For our 50th Anniversary a booklet of our history was created - which you can read in the files linked in the table below:

Title Size
1st Maze GLB Company  3420kb
1st Maze GLB Company  4289kb
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