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The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds
has come;
Song of Solomon 2v12

How to use this glossary: Each word has two definitions.
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Glossary Terms - Numeric

10/40 Window
The 10/40 Window is an area of the world that contains the largest population of non- Christians in the world. The area extends from 10 degrees to 40 degrees North of the equator, and stretches from North Africa across to China.
The area of the world between 10 and 40 degrees latitude north of the equator that stretches from Northwest Africa across the Near and Middle East and Asia. It is in this part of the world that an overwhelming majority of the people groups are considered to be unreached with the Gospel. The window has in view most of the world's areas of greatest physical and spiritual need, most of the world's least-reached peoples and most of the governments that oppose Christianity.
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95 Theses, The
The document that Martin Luther nailed to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany, outlining what he believed to be the shortcomings and abuses within the Catholic Church.
Although many believe that Luther nailed these theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg, this notion has recently been criticised. In the 95 Theses, he objected to many policies and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Luther's action was in great part a response to the selling of indulgences by Johann Tetzel, a Dominican priest. Luther's charges directly challenged the position of the clergy as regards individual salvation.
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