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The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds
has come;
Song of Solomon 2v12

Glossary Terms - King James Words

Words used in the King James Bible but not commonly used today:

Word Definition: Reference:
Abase To make or bring low; to humble. Luke 14:11
Abhor Despise; spurn; regard with horror. Job 19:18-19
Acquit To hold guiltless. Nahu. 1:3
Adder A venomous snake. Psal. 58:3-5
Admonish To instruct; advise; warn. Acts 27:9-10
Ado Fuss; bother; tumult. Mark 5:38-39
Affinity A marriage alliance. 1 Ki. 3:1
Afore Before. Isai. 18:5
Afresh Again; anew. Hebr. 6:4-6
Ague A fever. Levi. 26:16
Alleluia Praise ye the LORD! Reve. 19:1
Aloof At a distance, but within view. Psal. 38:9-11
Amen Dependable; faithful; certain. Reve. 3:14-15
Amiable Dear; lovely; beloved. Psal. 84:1-2
Angel Messenger. Reve. 1:20
Anon Immediately. Matt. 13:20
Apace At a quick pace; quickly. Jere. 46:5-6
Apothecary One who makes perfumes. Exod. 30:25
Archangel Chief angel. 1 Th. 4:16
Ark Box; chest. Exod. 25:10
Array To put on; to clothe. Matt. 6:27-29
Asp A snake, serpent. Isai. 11:8-9
Assent To agree upon. Acts 24:5-9
Astonied To be taken by surprise. Isai. 52:13-14
Atonement A covering (for sin). Levi. 5:18
Averse To turn away from. Mica. 2:8-9
Axletree Spindle of a wheel. 1 Ki. 7:32
Backbitings Evil speakings; slanders. 2 Co. 12:20
Balm A medicine; gum/rosin from a bush. Jere. 46:10-11
Baptize To immerse; to dip or dye a thing. Acts 2:38-40
Base Lowly; meek. 2 Co. 10:1
Battlement Retaining wall. Deut. 22:8
Became Was exactly suited for; was fitting. Hebr. 7:24-26
Beeves Horned cattle fit to plough. Levi. 22:19
Begotten To have born; brought forth. 1 Jo 5:1
Behemoth A huge, strong animal. Job 40:15-16
Belied To lie against; to speak falsely. Jere. 5:11-12
Beseech To call upon; appeal; beg. Roma. 12:1
Besought Entreated; asked; called. 2 Co. 12:8-9
Bestow To gather together. Luke 12:16-18
Betimes Early; quickly. Prov. 13:24
Betwixt Between; in an intermediate position. Song. 1:13
Bewray To make manifest, clear, evident. Matt. 26:72-74
Billow A swelling or heap of water. Psal. 42:7
Bishopric Guardianship; office of overseeing. Acts 1:18-20
Blessed Happy. Psal. 1:1-2
Bolled Blossomed; in the seed/pod. Exod. 9:31-32
Botch An ulcer. Deut. 28:27
Bowels Inward parts; affections. Colo. 3:12
Brawler One who is inclined to fight. 1 Ti. 3:2-3
Brayed To groan, wail; make a foul noise. Job 30:7
Breeches Trousers. Ezek. 44:18
Brimstone Sulphur. Psal. 11:6
Brood A group of young animals. Luke 13:34
Brutish Stupid. Prov. 12:1
Buffet To strike with a clenched fist. Matt. 26:66-68
Bulwark A defensive structure. Psal. 48:12-13
By and by At once; immediately. Mark 6:24-25
Caldron A pot; kettle. Jere. 52:17-18
Candlestick Lampstand. Exod. 25:31
Carnal Of the flesh; denoting human nature. 1 Co. 3:3
Casement A window. Prov. 7:5-6
Cast angle To fish with a hook. Isai. 19:7-8
Cauls Embroidered works, networks. Isai. 3:18
Centurion Commander of a hundred men. Acts 10:1-2
Chamberlain Eunuch, or chief servant. Esth. 1:10-11
Chapiter Capital of a column. 2 Ch. 3:15
Charged Burdened; weighed down. 1 Ti. 5:16
Chaste Untouched; undefiled. 2 Co. 11:1-2
Chide Contend; strive. Psal. 103:9-10
Chrysoprasus A precious stone. Reve. 21:19-20
Churl A rude, fraudulent person. Isai. 32:7
Circumspect, be Take heed; pay strict attention. Exod. 23:13
Clamour An outcry or protest. Ephe. 4:31-32
Cleanness of teeth Famine. Amos 4:16
Cleft An opening, break or split. Obad. 3
Cloak Raiment; clothing. Matt. 5:40
Cloven Separated; divided up. Acts 2:1-3
Cockle A weed resembling wheat. Job 31:39-40
Collop A piece of flesh. Job 15:27
Communicate To share or have things in common. 1 Ti. 6:17-18
Concision A cutting off; a false circumcision. Phil. 3:1-3
Concord Agreement; unison. 2 Co. 6:14-15
Concupiscence Strong desire; passion. Colo. 3:5-6
Confectionaries Oitment makers; perfumers. 1 Sa. 8:12
Consecrate To regard as set apart or separate. Exod. 28:3
Contemn To despise with mockery. Psal. 10:13
Contentious Loving quarrel; fond of strife. Roma. 2:7-8
Convenient Proper; appropriate. Roma. 1:28
Convinceth Convict. John 8:45-47
Cornet A wind instrument; horn; trumpet. Hose. 5:8
Coulter Iron agricultural tool. 1 Sa. 13:20
Countervail To be make equal, offset, compensate. Esth. 7:3-4
Covert A hiding place. Isai. 4:6
Cracknel Small dry cake; cracker. 1 Ki. 14:3
Crisping pins Money bags or purses, highly ornamented. Isai. 3:22
Cruse A pot. 1 Ki. 14:3
Cumbered To be distracted with cares. Luke 10:40
Cummin Plant bearing aromatic seeds. Isai. 28:24-25
Dam A mother. Exod. 22:29-30
Damned Condemned; judged against. Mark 16:15-16
Darling Only one; beloved; sole. Psal. 22:19-20
Daub To cover or plaster. Ezek. 13:10-11
Dayspring An "up-rising", hence sunrising. Luke 1:76-79
Dearth A cutting off of rain. Jere. 14:1-4
Defer To delay; postpone. Isai. 48:8-10
Derision Ridicule; laughing at enemies' threats. Psal. 2:2-4
Despite Contempt. Ezek. 25:6-7
Devil Slanderer; false accuser. John 6:70-71
Diadem Turban; crown. Job 29:14
Disallowed Rejected. 1 Pe. 2:2-4
Discern To examine, prove or test; scrutinize. Luke 12:54-56
Disdain To reject; to despise. Job 30:1
Dissemble To use deceit; to feign. Jere. 42:19-21
Dissembleth To pretend; to use deceit. Prov. 26:24-25
Divers Different; unequal; various. Prov. 20:10
Doctor Teacher; instructor. Luke 2:46
Doleful Howling; shrieking. Isai. 13:21
Doth To do; to produce; make. Matt. 6:19-20
Dragon Jackal; wild dog. Jere. 51:37
Draught A catching, hunting. Luke 5:9-10
Dregs Sediment. Isai. 51:17
Dropsy An illness. Luke 14:1-3
Drove Flock; company. Gene. 32:15-16
Duke A head of a family or tribe. Gene. 36:15
Durst To dare; venture. Luke 20:37-40
Earing Plowing; tilling the ground. Gene. 45:6
Easter Passover. Acts 12:4
Effectual Effective service; active work. 1 Co. 16:8-9
Elias Elijah. Mark 9:5
Emerods Tumors; hemorrhoids. 1 Sa. 5:6
Emulation Jealousy. Gala. 5:19-21
Enjoin To command; charge. Hebr. 9:19-20
Ensample An example. 1 Th. 1:7-8
Ensue To pursue after. 1 Pe. 3:10-11
Entreat To comfort; attempt to reconcile; help. 1 Co. 4:11-13
Environ To surround; compass. Josh. 7:9
Epistle A letter sent. 1 Th. 5:27
Ere Before. Job 18:2
Eschew To avoid; turn aside from. 1 Pe. 3:10-11
Espy To see; behold. Gene. 42:27-28
Euroclydon A furious, north-easterly wind. Acts 27:13-14
Eveningtide Evening time. Isai. 17:14
Every several Each individual; each one separately. Reve. 21:19-21
Exactor Overseer. Isai. 60:16-18
Exhortation Encouragement. 1 Co. 14:2-3
Extol To lift up; esteem; praise. Psal. 145:1-2
Eyesalve Medicine for the eyes. Reve. 3:18
Fain To desire earnestly; long for. Luke 15:13-16
Famished To have suffered hunger. Isai. 5:13
Fare To make merry; rejoice. Luke 16:19-21
Fast Abstaining from food. Matt. 6:16-18
Fatling Fat cattle. Isai. 11:6
Feigned Deceitful; false. Psal. 17:1
Fen Marsh; swamp. Job,. 40:15,21
Fetched a compass Made a circuit; wandered up and down. Acts 28:12-13
Fillets Curtain rods placed between columns. Exod. 27:10
Firebrand Firewood; torch. Isai. 7:4
Firmament Expanse or vault over the earth; sky. Gene. 1:6-8
Fitches A species of grain. Isai. 28:27
Flagon Bottle; vessel. Hose. 3:1
Flay To strip. Mica. 3:1-3
Flux An intestinal disease; dysentery. Acts 28:8
Forbearance Self-restraint. Roma. 2:3-4
Forborne Ceased. Jere. 51:30
Foresaw Beheld. Acts 2:24-25
Forsaken To leave in an abandoned condition. Psal. 22:1-2
Forswear To swear falsely. Matt. 5:33
Forward, to be To wish; to desire; to purpose. 2 Co. 8:10-11
Foursquare Squared; four cornered. Ezek. 40:47
Fowls Birds. Matt. 6:26
Fret To be grieved; troubled; displeased. Psal. 37:8-9
Fuller Launderer; one who washes clothes. Mark 9:2-3
Furlong Approximately 1/8 mile (660 feet). Luke 24:13-14
Gaddest To have roamed; to have gone away. Jere. 2:36-37
Gape To open wide the mouth. Psal. 22:11-13
Garrison A guard, watch or patrol. 2 Co. 11:32
Gin A noose; snare. Psal. 140:4-5
Girdle Belt. Mark 1:5
Goad A pointed stick. Eccl. 12:11
Gospel Good news. Matt. 4:23
Graven To cut or engrave. Job 19:23-24
Grisled Spotted; speckled. Zech. 3:3
Guile Deceit; craftiness. John 1:46-48
Haft A handle. Judg. 3:21-22
Hale To draw; drag; force. Luke 12:58
Halt Lame; crippled in the feet. Matt. 18:8
Hard by Beside; next to. 1 Ki. 21:1
Hart A deer; hind. Psal. 42:1
Haughty Proud; arrogant; lifted up. Psal. 131:1
Heady Reckless; hasty; headstrong. 2 Ti. 3:1-4
Heath A shrub or tree. Jere. 48:6-7
Heed To be careful to consider. Matt. 6:1-2
Henceforth From this time forth; from now on. Isai. 9:7
Heretic One who causes divisions, factions. Titu. 3:10-11
Herewith With this. Ezek. 16:28-29
Hewn Cut. Matt. 7:18-20
Hinder Latter; rear; behind. Zech. 14:8
Hireling A laborer employed on hire. Isai. 16:14
Hoary White colored. Job 38:28-29
Holden Held. Isai. 42:14-15
Holpen Helped. Psal. 86:16-17
Hosen Tunics; under garments. Dani. 3:21
Husbandman A farmer; one who tills the ground. Joel. 1:10-11
Ignominy Contempt; shame; dishonor. Prov. 18:3
Immortality Incorruption; an imperishable state. 1 Co. 15:54
Impenitent Without remorse. Roma. 2:5-6
Implacable Unyielding; obstinate. Roma. 1:28-31
Importunity Lack of modesty; shamelessness. Luke 11:7-8
Impute To reckon or count. Roma. 4:8
In no wise By no means; assuredly not. Matt. 5:17-18
Incontinent Unbridled; uncontrollable. 2 Ti. 3:1-3
Inditing Overflowing; boiling over. Psal. 45:1
Infidel An unbeliever. 1 Ti. 5:8
Inordinate Without restraint; immoderate. Ezek. 23:10-11
Instant Insistent; steadfast; urgent. Luke 23:22-23
Jacinth A precious stone. Reve. 21:19-20
Joined hard To border; to be adjacent to. Acts 18:6-7
Jot The smallest Hebrew letter. Matt. 5:17-18
Kin Family. Mark 6:4
Kine Cows; cattle. Gene. 41:1-2
Kinsmen Neighbors; relatives. Psal. 38:9-11
Lade To burden; to load. Luke 11:46
Ladeth Burdens; loads. Haba. 2:6
Languish Wither; to be made weak. Isai. 24:3-4
Latter Last. Job 19:25
Laver Wash basin. Exod. 30:18-19
Leasing Falsehood; deceit. Psal. 5:5-6
Lees Sediment. Jere. 48:11-12
Let To hinder or obstruct. Roma. 1:13
Lewdness Villany; wickedness; crime. Acts 18:14-15
Listeth To please; to choose. John 3:7-9
Lively Living. 1 Pe. 2:5
Loins The lower back; waist. Matt. 3:4
Lot Portion; destiny; fate. Psal. 16:5
Loweth To moo (cow noise). Job 6:5
Lucre Gain. 1 Ti. 3:2-3
Maimed Crippled, or deprived of some member. Matt. 15:30
Malice Ill-will; badness. 1 Pe. 2:1-2
Mammon Earthly goods; property; riches. Matt. 6:24
Manifest To make openly known; appear. 1 Ti. 3:16
Mansion Abiding place. John 14:1-3
Marishes Marshes; ponds. Ezek. 47:9,11
Masteries, strive To compete; contend. 2 Ti. 2:5
Mattock Hoe; spade; agricultural tool. Isai. 7:25
Mazzaroth Stars or planets. Job 38:32
Mean Obscure; insignificant. Acts 21:39
Mediator One who intervenes between two parties. 1 Ti. 2:5
Meet Agreeable; fit; proper. Mark 7:26-27
Mess Portion; gift. Gene. 43:33-34
Mete To measure; to deal out. Mark 4:24
Milch Giving suck; milking. Gene. 32:13-15
Mincing Taking short, quick steps; tripping. Isai. 3:16
Minish To be made few; diminished. Psal. 107:39-40
Ministration Service. 2 Co. 3:7-8
Mirth Gladness; rejoicing. Psal. 137:3
Mite A Jewish coin. Mark 12:41-42
Mollify To be softened; to be tender. Isai. 1:6
Mortify To put to death; to take away. Roma. 8:13
Muffler An ornament worn by women. Isai. 3:18-19
Murrain Pestilence; plague. Exod. 9:2-3
Naught Nothing; vain; bad. Prov. 20:14
Necromancer One who inquires of the dead. Deut. 18:10-11
Nether Lower. Exod. 19:17
Nigh Near. Matt. 24:32-33
No little kindness Exceptional kindness. Acts 28:1-2
Not a whit Not the least bit. 2 Co. 11:5
Obstinate Stubborn. Isai. 48:4-5
Offscouring Scum; filth. 1 Co. 4:11-13
Omnipotent All powerful; all mighty. Reve. 19:6
Oracle The inner santuary; "Holy of Holies". Psal. 28:1-2
Ordain To form; appoint; settle; place. Psal. 8:3-4
Ouches Settings for gems; sockets. Exod. 28:11
Outwent To go before in advance. Mark 6:32-33
Paps Breasts; bosoms. Luke 11:27-28
Paramour A male or female lover. Ezek. 23:19-20
Pate Forehead; crown of the head. Psal. 7:16
Peeled Bald; bare; smooth. Isai. 18:7
Peradventure Perhaps. 2 Ti. 2:24-25
Persecute To pursue after in order to overtake. Psal. 10:2-3
Pilled To have stripped off skin or bark. Gene. 30:37-38
Pitch A thick, dark, sticky substance. Isai. 34:8-9
Platted Braided; intertwined. Matt. 27:28-29
Poll To cut hair from the head. Ezek. 44:20
Ponder To consider carefully; meditate. Luke 2:18-19
Post A runner; courier. Jere. 51:31-32
Potsherd A piece of broken pottery. Psal. 22:14-15
Prating Babbling; chattering. Prov. 10:8-10
Presbytery An assembly of elders. 1 Ti. 4:14
Principality The highest dignitary of the State. Titu. 3:1
Privy (being privy) Being aware or knowledgeable of. Acts 5:1-2
Profound To go deep into something. Hose. 5:1-2
Prognosticator Foretellers of the future. Isai. 47:12-13
Proselyte Convert. Acts 6:5-6
Provender Food for livestock or cattle. Gene. 24:23-25
Psalm A song; a melody. Ephe. 5:18-21
Publican A tax collector. Luke 5:27-28
Purloining Stealing; pilfering. Titu. 2:9-10
Putrifying Pertaining to gangrene; decaying. Isai. 1:6
Quit you like men To show one's self a man. 1 Co. 16:13-14
Rabboni My great teacher, master. John 20:15-17
Rahel Rachel. Jere. 31:15
Rampart A low outer wall; fortification. Lame. 2:8
Rank Fat. Gene. 41:5-7
Ravish To rape; lie with; humble. Isai. 13:15-16
Rebuke To reprimand; strongly warn; restrain. Luke 19:37-40
Redound To exceed; to be over and above. 2 Co. 4:14-15
Remission Forgiveness. Matt. 26:27-28
Rend To divide; break or tear apart. Isai. 64:1-2
Renown A great name or well-known. Gene. 6:4
Repent To change one's mind & purpose; regret. Matt. 4:17
Reproach Disgrace; shame. Prov. 14:34
Reproof A scolding; rebuke. Prov. 15:5
Rereward Towards the rear; rear guard. Isai. 52:12
Reverence To show respect or fear. Ephe. 5:31-33
Rie Rye; a grain. Isai. 28:24-25
Rue A plant. Luke 11:42
Sabbath A rest; cessation from work. Exod. 20:9-10
Sacrilege (commit) To rob temples. Roma. 2:22
Salutation A greeting. Mark 12:38-40
Sanctify To be sacred and set apart. Ezek. 37:27-28
Satan Adversary. Matt. 16:22-23
Satyr He-goat. Isai. 34:13-14
Savour A smell; taste; odor. Matt. 5:13
Scall A scaly skin eruption. Levi. 14:54-57
Scourge To whip; flog. Acts 22:25-26
Scripture That which is written; book; letter. Matt. 28:56
Sect A group or division; a party. Acts 26:4-5
Seethe To cook. Ezek. 24:3-5
Sepulchre A place of burial; grave. Matt. 23:27
Servitor Attendant; he who performs as a servant. 2 Ki. 4:42-43
Sevenfold Multiplied by seven. Isai. 30:26
Shambles Meat market. 1 Co. 10:25
Sheaf Bundle of grain. Gene. 37:6-7
Sheriff One knowledgeable in the law. Dani. 3:3
Signet A seal or stamp. Hagg. 2:23
Single Clear; sound; healthy. Luke 11:34-35
Sleight Trickery; entrapment by deceit. Ephe. 4:14
Slow bellies Idle gluttons. Titu. 1:12
Smart To be sore distressed. Prov. 11:15
Smote off To have taken off or away. Matt. 26:51
Sod To cook; boil. Gene. 25:29-30
Soothsayer A foreteller of the future by astrology. Dani. 4:6-7
Sop A little bit; morsel. John 13:21-26
Spite Vexation; anger; grief. Psal. 10:12-14
Spoil Booty; prey. Isai. 8:4
Stablisheth Establishes; makes steadfast. 2 Co. 1:21-22
Standard Flag; banner. Jere. 50:1-2
Staves Rods; clubs. Luke 22:50-52
Stayed Detained; held. Luke 4:42
Steward Manager. Luke 12:42
Stomacher A fine robe. Isai. 3:24
Straightway Immediately. Mark 1:17-18
Straitened Hindered; impeded. Prov. 4:11-12
Strowed, strawed Scattered; spread. Matt. 21:8-9
Succour To help; aid. Hebr. 2:17-18
Sumptuously Splendidly. Luke 16:19-21
Sup To dine; to make a meal. Reve. 3
Superfluous Over and above; more than enough. 2 Co. 9:1-2
Supplant To deceive; defraud. Jere. 9:3-5
Suppliant Worshipper. Zeph. 3:9-10
Surfeiting Intoxication; overindulgence. Luke 21:34-35
Swaddling clothes Clothes used for wrapping. Luke 2:7
Swine Pigs. Matt. 7:6
Tabernacle A tent, booth or dwelling. Job 18:5-6
Taches Hooks; fasteners. Exod. 26:6
Talent A weight, money, or gift. Matt. 25:16-18
Taunt An object of scorn and derision. Ezek. 5:14-15
Tell To number; count. Gene. 15:4-5
Temperance Self-control. Gala. 5:22-24
Tempest Storm; whirlwind. Psal. 11:5-6
Testament A covenant; an agreement. Hebr. 9:16-18
Thitherward In that direction; towards. Jere. 50:4-5
Thrice Three times. Matt. 26:35-36
Tire Turban; head ornament. Ezek. 24:17
Tithe The tenth part; 1/10. Levi. 27:30
Told out Numbered; tallied. 2 Ch. 2:1-2
Transgression Wrong-doing; a violation of a law. Job 33:8-9
Trespass Wrong-doing; sin. Matt. 6:14-15
Trode Trampled. Luke 12:1
Trump Trumpet. 1 Th. 4:16
Twain Two. Mark 10:7-9
Unction An anointing. 1 Jo 2:20
Unlade To discharge; unload. Acts 21:2-3
Untoward Perverse; bent. Acts 2:38-40
Usurp To seize and take hold of. 1 Ti. 2:12
Vain Empty; foolish; useless. Matt. 6:7
Vehemently Violently; intensely. Luke 6:48
Verity Truth. 1 Ti. 2:7
Vestments Garments; clothing. 2 Ki. 10:21-22
Vesture Garment; cloak; clothing. Reve. 19:12-13
Vial Bowl; goblet. Reve. 16:1-2
Vigilant Watchful. 1 Ti. 3:2
Villany Folly. Jere. 29:23
Viper Snake. Matt. 3:7
Vocation A calling; invitation; summons. Ephe. 4:1-3
Wanton Excessive; rebellious. 1 Ti. 5:11-12
Ward Prison; custody. Gene. 41:9-10
Wax To grow; become; advance. Luke 12:33
Wen A running sore. Levi. 22:22
Wert Were. Reve. 3:15
Wherefore Why?; for what reason?; for what cause? Roma. 9:31-32
Wherewith The things with which... Psal. 119:41-42
Whet To sharpen. Psal. 7:12
Whither Where; which place. John 8:13-14
Whoremonger Sexually immoral person. Ephe. 5:5
Wimple A woman's garment; shawl. Isai. 3:22
Winefat A collection trough beneath a winepress. Mark 12:1
Wit To know; to become aware of. Gene. 24:19-21
Withal With. Job 2:7-8
Withs Cords; ropes. Judg. 6:9
Wont To be accustomed to. Luke 22:39-41
Wot To know. Roma. 11:2-3
Wroth To be provoked; angered. Matt. 2:16
Yea Yes; certainly. Matt. 5:37

Note: This list was compiled by Philip Kapusta.