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“centred in Christ, caring for people”

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The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds
has come;
Song of Solomon 2v12


The place Jesus was crucified (Jn.19:20).

J esus your blood on the cross was shed,
You were bruised and broken in my stead.
I praise you now for that cleansing day,
And marvel in awe at your atoning way.

E ven for me Lord you willingly came,
You went the way of suffering and shame.
Crushed and chastised to make me whole,
I just worship you for saving my soul.

S urely at Calvary my peace was made,
For all my sins on you were laid.
In love you bore them that I might be,
Holy, unstained and from sin set free.

U pon a tree, crucified and lifted on high,
Then "Father forgive them" is what you cry.
Forgiveness now because in that place,
You enabled sinners to be saved by grace.

S aviour at the cross you carried my sin,
To make me clean without and within.
Wounded for me and my sinful ways,
I give you my love and all of my days

By David Hurst.
Jesus Has Risen (Mark 16:6)

R ejoice and sing with all you breath,
For the Prince of life has conquered death.
Death's sting has been taken and overcome,
It's now but a shadow for the Lord has won.

I nside the grave we can have a key,
For the stone has been rolled for you and me.
The grave wont keep us forever to decay,
For the locks been turned to open the Way!

S atan surely slipped on a banana that week,
For the Lord of life burst from beneath his feet.
Ha, the lord of death could not hold his prey,
Now "where is your sting" we can sing and say!

E ternal life, listen, O won't you believe?
For the risen Saviour is there to receive!
I mocked and sneered and once made fun,
But then I beheld the living Son!

N ow I know with those angels on that day,
Jesus, "He is Risen", and is not where He lay.
For behold, He met me as I travelled my road,
He warmed my heart and took my load!

By David Hurst