Priesthill (Zion) Methodist

“centred in Christ, caring for people”

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The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds
has come;
Song of Solomon 2v12

Who's Who

Priesthill (Zion) Methodist is a church family of many different people, all of whom play a role in the life of the church.

Minister Rev John Corrie
Society Steward Mark Davison
Treasurer Colin Fullerton
Property Steward Edith Watson
Church Council Secretary Maurice McCann
Gift Aid Secretary Duncan Buchanan
Local Trustees’ Secretary Andrew McCready
Organist George Megarry

Church Council

The Church Council is responsible for advising the minister in the planning of the life of the church and developing the spiritual life of the congregation so that it can reach out in mission to the local community. In addition to those who are members because of the appointment they hold (the Minister; Society Steward; Property Steward; Treasurer; and Secretary) we have usually 9 other members elected by the congregation from its membership.

Church Council 2011. (Scroll mouse over the picture to reveal names)

Each congregational representative serves for three years and three are elected each year so that the representation changes on a rolling basis to give consistency and stability to the Council. The following are the current congregational representatives, showing their year of appointment (there are two vacancies currently due to either individuals leaving the area or resigning due to other time commitments).

  • Caroline Finn (2008)
  • Esther Owens (2008)
  • Margaret Beckett (2009)
  • Patricia McCarthy (2009)
  • Mary Megarry (2010)
  • Hannah Murphy (2010)
  • Norma Stafford (2010)

The Council meets quarterly and is supported by working groups made up of other people from the congregation who have a particular interest in the issues of the groups. These are (in alphabetical order):

  • Children & Young People
  • Communications
  • Mission and Outreach
  • Pastoral Care
  • and Worship

These groups can be contacted via

Our church also has a group of Local Trustees who have overall responsibility for the care and upkeep of the property. They meet at least annually and can be contacted at

Who’s Who in leading our organisations

To find out more about our organisations and meetings, please contact the following people.
Believe (Teenagers’ Bible Class) Colin Murphy
Bible Studies/Prayer Meetings Rev Colin Gracie
Bowling Club Joe Kennedy
Boys' Brigade Captain Mark Davison
Christian Endeavour
(Young People’s)
Carole Dillon
Crèche Claire Massey
Drop In Centre Michael McCarthy
Friendship Lunch (luncheon club) Norma Stafford
Girls' Brigade Captain Alison Rutherford
Girls' Brigade (Explorers) Victoria McCready
Good News Club Peter McCready
MWI Mrs Hazel Mercer
Parents and Toddlers Claire Massey
Sunday School Superintendent John Matthews
Youth Club Victoria McCready

Class Leaders

To help us keep in touch with our members we have a number of Class Leaders who call with families and leave information about our church and its special activities etc. The current list of Class Leaders is about to be revised.

For more information about our pastoral care arrangements please contact our minister at