Priesthill (Zion) Methodist

“centred in Christ, caring for people”

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The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds
has come;
Song of Solomon 2v12


This page is an explanation of the significance of church membership and related procedures.

An Invitation

Everyone who chooses to live as a Christian and to practice their faith with Priesthill (Zion) Methodist, is invited to consider becoming a church member. This page is intended to explain what membership means and how it works. If you desire to join with us and will be supportive of the beliefs, fellowship, and mission of our church, we warmly invite you to become a member.

The Meaning of Church Membership

The Apostle Paul calls the Church the Body of Christ. By this image, he emphasises the importance of each one of us as a part of the whole. It is a sense of belonging in which each one has something to receive and something to contribute, and together we become something greater than the sum of the parts.

The church is made stronger and the Christian becomes more effective in their walk with Christ when they make it a priority to fellowship and worship with their local church.

"a place to belong...a place to become"